Wednesday, 5 September 2012

7 Teacher’s Day Tributes!

Teacher’s Day is probably the only occasion when you don't mind Navjot Singh Sidhu going "Oye chhaa gaya guru..."

Well, below is the collection of seven Teacher’s Day tributes:

1. Happy Teacher's Day ~ John Abraham to Mayawati's statue #expression;

2. Happy Teacher's Day ~ Michael Phelps to Bappi Lahiri. #gold;

3. Happy Teacher's Day ~ Tiger Woods to ND Tiwari. #sexcapades;

4. Happy Teacher's Day ~ Arnab Goswami to Durvasa. #outrage;

5. Happy Teacher's Day ~ Shakti Kapoor to Vladimir Nabokov. #Lolita

6. Happy Teacher's Day ~ Swami Agnivesh to Morarji Desai #swamutra

7. Happy Teacher's Day Guru Dronacharya. Mujh se cheating kar ke aapko kya mila? Thenga! ~ Ekalavya.


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Aditya Mookerjee said...

People should wonder, Why is Manish in parliament? People are looking at our beliefs in a manner, which I dislike, because of him. I seem to have noticed his name only, and he seems to be really appropriate, even when you imagine him speak. But, the next post, and the one after that, seem to do no justice to God.

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ekita said...

As usual, too good..!! :-)

PS - So, flowers and gifts have returned, heh??