Sunday, 26 August 2012

Neil Armstrong: Unknown Facts, Tributes and Jolie On Moon

Unknown Facts:

1. Neil Armstrong's actual first words after landing on moon ~ 'Itna sannata kyu hai bhai?"

2. Armstrong's wife used to pester him to take her along, singing this song: Chalo dildaar chalo chand ke paar chalo...

3. Swami Agnivesh wanted to replace Neil Armstrong in the mission, insisting he had one natural advantage – he generated his own drink;

4. The moon spacecraft was named Eagle because it was sponsored by Eagle Flasks;

5. Before President Nixon called him, Armstrong received another call - from a telemarketer trying to sell him a credit card;

6. Armstrong's wife was mighty upset that he didn't bring a fridge magnet from moon.

Stand-Out Tributes:

1. "RIP Neil Armstrong. Lingers on my mind that baffled look on your face when I escorted you on moon" ~ Madhura Honey;

2. "RIP Neil Armstrong. You have redefined cycling and remain a hero despite all allegations" ~ S M Krishna;

Finally, what would have been Angelina Jolie’s reaction had she been the first on Moon?

One small step for a woman, a giant lip for mankind.


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