Sunday, 8 July 2012

India's Seven Other Dalits!

Aamir Khan touched the untouchability issue in the July 8 episode of Satyamev Jayate.

Doosra was touched too. In fact so touched that wasted precious little time to compile a list of India's Seven Other Dalits, sneered at and ridiculed by their snooty peers.

1. Literature Dalit = Chetan Bhagat;
2. Music Dalit = Himesh Reshammiya;
3. Tennis Dalit = Leander Paes;
4. Fashion Dalit = Govinda;
5. Political Dalit = Amar Singh;
6. Food Dalit, ok Dalit Food = Rahul Gandhi;
7. Intellectual Dalit = Suhel Seth

(P.S. I'm a great admirer of the Aamir Khan show. The guy could have done any other show but chose this one. If it brings positive change even to one life, it's job well done. At the same time, my admiration should not come in the way of some harmless fun. Hope Aamir and his fans agree.)


Deep said...

Good one Som..I am not sure about Reshmiya though...sometimes one is happy not to touch him!! Don't know who is Suhel Sheth (sorry, haven't kept in touch with current Indian scenario). Carry on, mate!

Som said...

Deep, thanks. Maybe Reshammiya the singer, for he has composed some decent stuff. On Suhel Seth, you've not missed anything :)

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icyHighs said...

I'm not particularly fond of Amir but agree about both your opinion of the show, and that it should not come in the way of some harmless fun.

Can I add:

Cricket Dalit: Sreesanth (That's the case in Kerala anyway.)

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Som said...

@icyHighs, somehow omitted Sree!

Dibyojyoti said...

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Simply Sidy said...

I recently bumped on your blog and have found it really great!

I wonder why your compact list doesnt feature any women dalit! or arent they dalits anymore!!!

Another Episode (on gender equality) needed from Aamir I guess!!!


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Som said...

Simply Sidy, welcome to Doosra and maybe you are right. One SMJ away from such a list :) said...

At you will have a bit tough time. Do not panic, because we have so many collections that you will wonder which one to pick and which one to leave.

Stuart Larner said...

chetan Bhagat?

For a literature Dalit, why not try a new novel about cricket, Guile and Spin?

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