Wednesday, 16 May 2012

7 Reactions to Anna Hazare’s Car Being Pelted!

1. Tusshar Kapoor: At times, silence is sin and we have to articulate our anger to make it a better society. I have to say...Eh...eeh ... oh... ooo... Maaayo.. eh... ee... oh... oh.

2. Sachin Tendulkar: Aila. Anna Saab, people will throw stone at you but you have to turn that into milestone.

3. Mamata Banerjee: Why this fuss over a mere stone? It could well have been worse. It could easily have been a cartoon of Anna Saab!

4. Bishan Singh Bedi: As usual, most missed the point. Apart from the fact that modern players earn obscene money, the fact of the matter here is somebody THREW the stone. It means his action was suspect and even a child of two knows Muralitharan chucks! Can’t believe ICC is still sitting idle!

5. S.M.Krishna: Well...err...ummm...As the foreign minister of Pakistan, I condemn the incident from the bottom of my heart...oh’s Hina Rabbani Khar's speech!

6. Kapil Sibal: Media is blowing it out of proportion. It was a notional stone hurled at a notional car, prompting a national knee-jerk reaction.

6. Virat Kohli: Sh*t Happens!

7. Navjot Singh Sidhu: Oye chha gaya guruuuuu! A man is prone to attracting a stone that can break his bone unless the stone in question, my friend, is a Sharon Stone!


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For Tushar it's good not to speak if he speaks the producer loses a lot of money.... :P

Free Mobile Games said...

where is anna hazare now, i dnt like every thing about anna hazare , he has no about law and rules , i think he know only about make presure to others on the basis of mob

Social Games said...

It's look like Kohli has done Phd in talking shit.. :0

Som said...

OAG, I'm afraid you are right on money!

Som said...

FMG, sure you are not Diggy Singh in disguise?

Som said...

SG, that was just half part of the syllabus. Raising a certain finger was the other half.

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Pay per head said...

hahaha I have to say that some of those 7 recations to Anna Hazare's car being pelted I would have had those reactions myself too!

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