Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Why? Why? Why?

# Tiger Woods -- census at the time of going to press puts his collection of mistresses exactly level-par with his 14 Majors -- has, well nearly had, a drink named after him;

# Rafael Nadal, known for his feat of clay, has an asteroid named after him;

# Gabriela Sabatini, the alpha ooh-inducing racquetier of her days, has a rose bearing her name;

# Even Jonah Lomu, who earned his stripes rewriting rugby records in the day and stealing protégé’s wife in the night, has a volcano named after him;

Any explanation for this inordinate heel-dragging in naming one of the rocket-launching stations after Virender Sehwag even when a toddler knows that he has planted far more spheres in the orbit?

(P.S Also read 11 Indian cricketers and things that could be named after them.)


Christopher Poshin David said...

Enjoyed the other posts with the names...Dravid an Defense HQ!!

Yea...Maybe it's high time that ISRO took notice of Sehwag;

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Som said...

CPD, heartwarming indeed.

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Som said...

Wujing, nice one:)

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Dreamy damsel said...

lol.. that was good..

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