Sunday, 28 February 2010

Reading Between Lines: Lee quits Tests

"I'm not 21, I'm 33."
# A not-so-oblique dig at the authenticity of Shahid Afridi’s birth certificate in particular and the integrity of the Childbirth Registrar of Pakistan in general.

"Trying to bowl at 150kph for five days is very hard on the body."

# This current Oz line-up is infested by so many incompetent nincompoops that a bowler should be ready to bowl all five days of a Test match.

"My reason for retiring from this form of the game is so that I can preserve my body."

# The chumps in the mainstream media missed a breaking news here. Lee is learning body-preservation i.e. mummification which opens up a new alternate career option!

"It's not the finish or the end of me."

# After launching Acestar underwear, Lee’s imminent ulterior plans include cutting an album with Himesh Reshammiya and appearing in a parallel movie that pits him against Rakhi Sawant.

Pix: The Daily Telegraph
(P.S. Starting this new “Reading Between Lines” series which aims at dissecting innocuous-sounding press conferences, decoding and unmasking the hyperbole/circumlocution/gobbledegook and lay bare the naked truth for the reader’s convenience.)


Anonymous said...

:-D publish in Facebook

Poonam said...

Not done... not done.... not done .... just not done dada. NOw m seriously upset..

Som said...

Anonymous, I don't want to make it defacebook:)

Som said...

Poonam, not done...not done...this kind of veiled threat.

Ankit Poddar said...

Smart Work

like always


Read between the lines ;)

Som said...

Ankit, thanks:)

Dingo said...

hopefully binga makes enough in the IPL to buy shirts for his mates.

Som said...

Dingo, Lee likes to keep it brief.

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