Monday, 1 February 2010

7 reasons why Afridi bit the ball

1. Afridi had exhausted his supply of chewing gum;

2. Someone told him cricket ball is called cherry and being the unsuspecting soul, he took it rather literally;

3. He was conducting some rudimentary research for a scientific paper on 'Edibility of A Cricket Ball';

4. He wanted to get back at teammates who taunted his bowling lacked bite;

5. To convey the message that Pakistan is not a toothless side;

6. He was doing an Adam-biting-the-forbidden-fruit-in-Garden-of-Eden impersonation for a reality show;

7. He had a bet with Stuart Broad that his teeth are stronger than the Englishman's boot nails.


Naked Cricket said...

5 and 7 please.

Purna said...

What brand of milk do you think he drank growing up?

Som said...

NC :)

Som said...

Purna, he first looked like sucking at as if it was Lalit Modi's dome!

Anonymous said...

I was reminded of the headline in NYT

when Mike Tyson chewed off a part of

Holyfield's ears. It read "Chump

Chomp Champ". How funny but how


Similar was the incident involving


Shahid aside now, how about the

similar incident involving Stuart


TV cameras clearly picked up Broad

stamping the ball with his spikes. Is

that not tantamount to tampering the


Hey, Western Media pundits where are


A point that was clearly pointed out

by Nasser Hussain as well as Vaughan

when the incident happened. "What a

furore it would have created had the

same been done by an Asian/Pakistan

player?". Aspersions regarding the

motive would been cast on the whole


Well, nothing happened, SA after much

kerfuffle just let it settle down


As to the shenanigans of Sunny the

Greatest (yes the Greatest Batsman

including Bradman) to have ever

graced cricket, now is it not proof

of how different are the treatments

meted out to Aus, Eng, NZ, SA players

vis a vis Asian players for similar


This happens to be second incident in

a short span of time.

Of course Chris(t) Broad (am not

alluding any pun for his surmame:))

would certify and vouch for good

conduct of the snow whites and would

be ordained if required by Mike


Satrajit said...

Read about the aftereffects

Satrajit said...

Read about the aftereffects

Som said...

ANONYMOUS, you mean Afridi the Cannibal is in the making?

Trideep said...

The comment by Smith was also quite apt.. May be the lunch in Australia was not good enuf!

Anonymous said...

it's planned's all about betting....making Afridi to sit on bench during tat Ozs can win...Afridi might hv got huge money....cmon friends...even new born child can understand ball tempering... Afridi Can' funny

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