Tuesday, 20 January 2009

SCOOP: Why Daredevils dumped Asif

My only purpose and wish is to play for my nation Pakistan again, and for that I need to disengage from any other cricket engagements and work towards this.

Mohammad Asif wants all to believe that he is on a redemption mission and hence decided to 'disengage' himself from all cricket engagements so that he can work his way back to the Pakistan team again. Amen.

Apparently, the PCB forgot to tell the poor chap that it has already done that disengagement job by banning him from all forms of cricket pending the IPL drug inquiry.

So effectively Asif has volunteered to twiddle his thumbs till he digs himself a new hole, most probably in an airport that starts with the letter D.

In case Steven Spillberg makes a sequel to 'The Terminal', he can draw on Asif's experience.

Meanwhile, Doosra laid its hands on some classified information and here are the five genuine reasons that prompted the Daredevils to dump Asif:

1. Asif had inquired if Daredevils management could arrange some basic practice facilities at the detention centres of some of the airports around. Especially when the Daredevils owners are into the airport-building business.

2. Asif had revealed how he planned to argue his case before the IPL drug tribunal and escape with a minimum punishment for drug offence. "I'm going to tell the tribunal that regular customers get discounts everywhere," he said.

3. Asif deposited his sweater, cap, glass and mistakenly the chillum as well to Sehwag who was umpiring in the nets.

4. The Daredevils apparel makers informed the management that Asif had sought a special pocket in his trousers and sent a tube-shaped substance as the measurement.

5. Asked in the Daredevils promo what’s his favourite flower, Asif said ‘Poppy’.
(Pix: HiCric.com)


Straight Point said...

they said eunf of dare'devils' in our team... :)

Som said...

Right SP, DD didn't Dare to keep this Devil of a player. Good riddance!

Naked Cricket said...

He was clearly unfit last time, yet in a lotta games, DD preferred him to Maharoof.

This time they dumped him coz he's fit.

Anonymous said...

Asif is such a wasted talent its sad...He could have been the next generation HOPE...for Pakistan. Unfortunately, that wasn't to be.

Now he will be just another has-been.

Som said...

NC, that might well be the case. Poor chap:)

Som said...

ASF, can't agree more. This only underlines the kind of guidance required by cricketers who come off a humble background. This is a huge loss of talent, no doubt about that.PCB bungled it big way.

Q said...

PCB's loss, Daredevils loss, our loss.

The thing is that why are the daredevils and asif claiming that it was Asif's decision? It shudnt be hard for the delhi bosses to come out and say "we dumped him".

Soulberry said...

:) Those reasons!

A bit of a let down eh for 3D?

Som, do you think shunting out of Dhawan (Warner is coming in) so that nehra can play instead of Asif is a fair exchange?

What's the scoop behind Dhawan's exit? He was a performer unlike ABD last year.

I'm trying to get some dirt, if it is there, but at the moment not even a film of grime.
And will Brett Geeves continue with 3D or has he already exited? There were enough guys for the exchange or pawning...why Dhawan?

Som said...

Q, I read a new bankruptcy angle which said Asif, who already has sold his house and car in his battle to clear his name of the doping slur,
badly needs money. I'm not sure if it was a Daredevils' decision.

Som said...

Soulberry, Warner's arrival was bound to cost someone his DD place and it was Dhawan. With Asif gone, DD wanted a bowler as well and Nehra fits the bill. I think Brett Geeves is still there, because we didn't hear any parting news. Once they assemble here for the pre-IPL camp, things would be clearer.

Abdul said...

The Pakistan – Sri Lanka series is rather poor regarding quality so far and that’s simply just a fact as the pitches in the subcontinent are flat as a pancake just to emphasise the point that I much prefer watching cricket action from Australia, England, Southafrica etc. Nevertheless we are thankful to the Mahela’s men for coming along and touring following the crisis and reluctance from other sides in the last 18 months especially. The series is evenly poised at 1-1 setting up the Gadaffi stadium on Saturday for a grand finale in a winner takes all affair. Pakistan delivered brilliance on Tuesday with a convincing 8 wicket victory but let loose 24 hours later losing by a humiliating margin in a miserable defeat to disappoint all. This is an ideal example of how inconsistent and unpredictable Pakistan are from delivering brilliance to failing miserably. Typical Pakistan!

My analysis from the matches I’ve seen are that Shoiab Akthar is plundering and age is catching up against the paceman. I feel he can no longer become a “matchwinner” in ODI cricket and repeat those heroic performances such as 6-16 and 5-25 as he has in the past and also feel he hasn’t got the mental fitness now to complete his full quota of overs.

But I feel he still feel he will do well at Test match level, bowling in short fiery bursts and along with Kaneria will be the “strike” bowlers in test cricket but as regards to one day I feel he’s fading away and simply struggling for rhythm and therefore hope Sohial Khan replaces him in the next match or Pakistan stick with 3 seamers.

Also as I’ve continuously insisted the ICL bans should be lifted and Ijaz Butt did apply some pressure yesterday on the ICC to change their stance and authority but more is required as it’s simply unacceptable that your unable to utilize formidable talent in Nazir ,Yousuf and Rana as there true match winners one can dream of having in there line ups. I also approve of Qadir’s suggestion of having a specialist team for different formats especially T20 cricket with the likes of Rana Naved and Fawad Alam but just a few adjustments between test’s and ODI team.

Q said...

I dont see why Dhawan had to make way for Warner.. they both can play as part of the same line up...

Sehwag, Gambhir, Warner, Dhawan, Tiwary.. thats some line up..

And theyve got Dilshan, AB De Villiers, and Shoaib Malik as well..

On the bowling front theres McGrath and Mahroof and Geeves and Mishra and that young U19 sawant?

Why ditch Dhawan? He did really well...

Som said...

Abdul, Waqar Younis has the same advice for Shoaib, quit ODI. Gentlemen think alike:)

Som said...

Q. remember how Nehra ran through DD last time. Probably Sehwag didn't want to go through the same and hence swapped Nehra with Dhawan. Poor chap. Do you see Dhawan getting a chance at Mumbai Indians? I think they would rather push for their homegrown players.

Q said...

Not too sure if Dhawan will get a chance at Mumbai or not but it just doesnt make sense trading 1) a batsman for a bowler and 2) trading one of ur best performing bats..

Som said...

Q, I guess DD thought now that Asif has left and Warner will bolster batting, they can afford to swap Dhawan for Nehra to fill the bowling void. And Warner's 60-ball 69 today should have DD grinning ear-to-ear.