Sunday, 21 December 2008

Mohali Test...Day 3

0900: Fog delays start. Umpire Daryl Harper says he'll inspect the pitch as soon as he sights it! Pietersen, meanwhile, tries to play cricket with a football. To be honest, you can't sight a smaller ball in such fog. Dhoni & Co, meanwhile, get into the Great Indian Huddle where Kirsten checks if Munaf Patel has brushed his teeth.

1010: Has David 'Bumble' Lloyd converted to Islam? He seemed offering namaaz on the pitch. The Groucho Marx of world cricket clarifies he wanted to see if the pitch was dry enough not to soil his troussers!

1527: Sorry for the delay. ICC boss David Morgan held a p.c. and said i) no sanction on BCCI for shunning Pakistan; ii) T20's popularity is good for the game; iii) Cricket (T20) in Olympic not possible before 2020; and iv) India, England oppose Test championship.

2041: Kudos to KP, the tragic hero. Rauf's LBW decision had him rooted and later in the press conference, KP demanded benefit of doubt. On MSD bowling the 3rd over with Yuvi, KP said he was amused to see a 'pie-chucker' replacing Zak "one of the best bowlers I have faced ever." His switch-hit provoked Kirsten to seek change in laws to aid the hapless bowlers. KP says it's not a risky shot but a scoring shot.


utp said...

KP was due...luck didnt favor him otherwise Englishmen were on a roll...did you see their average?

scorpicity said...

Maybe Bumble was offering himself to that Labrador again. Naughty fellow that guy.

"Pie-chucker" LOL! That was funny. I wonder how much of a pie was there in his face when Yuvraj ripped through their middle order in the one-days.

Som said...

UTP, to their credit, KP, Cook and Freddie scored at a brisk rate. And thanks for those switch-hits as well.

Som said...

Scorpicity, Yuvi constantly had something or the other to say to KP. I think Yuvi only asked about the sale of Jessica Taylor's last album which miffed KP.

scorpicity said...

LOL... I must say the Indians have no class in humoring the opposition on the field :)

Maybe you should teach them something Som... what do you say.

Som said...

Scorpicity, wish I could. But I can crack innocuous jokes which would only make them laugh, can't really get under their skin.