Monday, 2 June 2008

Warne, take a bow!

Another Shane Warne folk lore! Einstein won’t mind if I borrow a line and say cricket generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth.

I’m dying to know what Warne had told Rajasthan Royal teammates in his first address before the IPL started. It must be cricket’s equivalent of Winston Churchill’s “Blood, toil, tears, and sweat” speech.

Though I’m not privy to that address, I reckon it went something like this:


Get a few things right. Firstly, I know it can get heady to see someone like Graeme Smith descend from dreams to dressing room. But awe is awful, keep that aside. Believe me, prima donnas are brittle as bone china. Guys you have set on pedestals have feet of clay. Come and topple them.

Remember, every dog has its day and more so when you are the underdog. You have nothing to lose and a whole new world to gain, pardon me if I sound like Karl Marx or Groucho.

Everyone has a role to play and it exceeds far beyond the boundary of a cricket field. It’s a way of life. A movie is not only about the hero alone. You need the director, producer, script-writer, composer, lyricist, actors…right down to spot boys. The oddjobber may not look glamorous but he is indispensable! It’s called team work, silly.

Look mate, I'm not interested in your past but in your future, which is in your hands. Let's keep it simple. See the ball and the bat, not the reputation behind. Hit the ball and beat the bat, it's as simple as that. Don't listen to what laptop-totting morons like Buchanan say. They would make it look like rocket science. Hell with him and his laptop. We made him great, and it's not other way round. I've always maintained that at this level, the only coach you need is that vehicle that takes you from hotel to ground and ground to hotel.

Cricket matches are not won on laptop, but on greentop and shirtfronts and everything in between. Had laptops guaranteed success, Bill Gates would have been the most successful coach around. I still believe coaches should wear concrete boots and be chucked into Sydney Harbour, provided it's deep enough

Allow obscurity be your strength. Let them underestimate you before you hit like a bolt from the blue. Many a complacent Goliath has been slain by the unsuspecting David and cricket is full of such lores. You have 44 days to pen your own rags-to-riches story. Make a name and win a fortune, else hobble into oblivion. The choice is yours.

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Straight Point said...

Mind blowing SOM!!

i did my own view on warne...but yours is just out of this world...tell me where i have to put in paper...

Som said...

SP Thnx but I always had this compaint against you that you are little too generous with your praise.
It was really difficult not to side with Warne's side last night, isn't it?

Naked Cricket said...

that was some speech, am speechless.
really, can picture warne talk that stuff -no pussyfooting, no pun intended.

Som said...

NC, it was simply a fairytale stuff. Generations to come will wonder how a flawed fat tweaker galvanised a motley crew of mostly unheralded colts, buried hatchets with his one-time nemesis and done away with the concept of coaching and still delivered.

Straight Point said...


now don't be modest my friend...

i could not think anything after your 'fairytale' speech and it deserved every bit of praise...

Poonam said...

Wt a speech!!!!!!! and I can actually picture Warne saying every word of it (especially the bit on Buchanan and coaches in general).