Saturday, 21 June 2008

Doosra goes AWOL!

As you sulk and shout throughout the year, rave and rant till you froth at the mouth with relentless rage at an increasingly imperfect world, the keyboard caper, in its vulnerable moments, craves for a pause.

It’s almost a Quixotic exercise of tilting at windmills as passionate bloggers, armed with their lone weapon -- keyboard -- wage a crusade against all the perceived ills and take the cudgel on their shoulders to right the wrong.

But others would vouch for me -- it can be draining at times, especially when you are juggling it with a demanding profession, which is almost equally necessary to keep the oven/microwave burning.

So I’m off till June 26th and the week-long sabbatical should have me renascent and rejuvenated enough to make up for the pause with unbridled verbal diarrhea.

So, inscrutable friends, Romans and countrymen (I think I have run the whole gamut!) who for some inexplicable reason visit my blog, heave a sigh of relief but not for long as I hope to hit back with vengeance. Cheers!


Straight Point said...

how will cricket survive if we keep on putting profession over cricket?

looking forward to your cut-edge post on your return...

till then happy rejuvenating... :))

Homer said...

Happy Holidays Som :)

Som said...

SP, point taken and here me back.

Homer, thanks.

scorpicity said...

you too LOL... rejevunate with some good ol Caribbean rum... it looks like many of the cricket bloggers are in a crisis :)... happy holidays

Som said...

Scorpi...caribbean rum? hey rum...I mean hey ram, I'm a teatotaller! hahaha..