Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Good morning Mr Modi…and hat’s off too

In India, if you are trying to ‘cap’ someone, you are trying to hoodwink him.

“Topi pehna raha hai kya?”

To give devil its due, Lalit Modi is obviously not the first soul on earth trying to act smart but he definitely is taking the art to a new stratosphere.

Now that the IPL is into its last leg (ok, ok, business end), the IPL madcap realizes the folly. Maximum six award, Orange Cap…oops no candy for the leather-flingers? Hastily he comes up with something for the bowler, clearly the second class citizen in this Twenty20 world, and here you have Purple Cap for the bowlers with maximum cumulative wicket against his name.

We have seen over the course of the inaugural season of the DLF Indian Premier League so far that bowlers have just as important a role to play in winning T20 matches as batsmen do.
Thus spake Zarathustra, I mean Modi.

Some would say, better late than never. In this case, I would have loved better never than late. Don’t you think it’s too early for IPL’s next edition, Mr Modi? Well, Rip Van Winkle finally has got some competition here.

It’s not that Modi the Mad Hatter is actually taking his hats off to the bowlers by introducing the Purple Cap. The Purple Cap is just yet another gimmick-rabbit which Modi the magician pulled out of his hat.

And talking of caps, this guy himself wears multiple hats, simultaneously, and talks through each of them when he obliges section of the media (which, I’m sorry to say, approach him hat in hand).

I thought it was Laxmipathy Balaji. But Modi is IPL’s original hat-trick guy.



Ottayan said...

Modi has 'capped' all of us.:)

Naked Cricket said...

After GC proposed six thinking hats, here are two utterly thoughless ones - can't do much bad.

Straight Point said...

ab modi bowlers ko 'topi' pehnayega... :))

at last they have something to look to in T20...

Som said...

Ottayan, welcome. Mine is the same feeling!

Som said...

NC, no wonder Modi roped in felow Mad Hatter GC to run that academy in Jaipur!

Som said...

SP, bowlers would have been better off without topis..the format itself is a 'topi' for the bowlers, isn't it?

Carlo said...

Good Job! :)