Thursday, 7 February 2008

Cracked Bat Rushed Gilchrist’s Retirement?

Did Adam Gilchrist rush his retirement after his lucky bat cracked?

Probably not. But Gilly is a sad man these days after his Wonder Bat cracked during the Twenty20 tie against India.

Gilly is yet to throw away the broken willow, a Puma Ballistic, and is in fact doing everything to repair it. Considering the loads of runs he scored with it – including that 104-ball 149 in the World Cup final -- he definitely has reasons to cherish it.

The retiring hero reportedly carries just three bats in his kit – a practice bat, a spare one and this one.

It’s not that Gilchrist did not score before laying his hands on it but it definitely is a special piece of wood for him.

Image: Getty Images


Chris said...

Some athletes really do love gear that helps them perform better! Your blog is really cool. Glad to see it!

Som said...

Thanks. Though it's a personal loss for Gilly, bowlers of the world, spared the hammering, must be rejoicing!